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At E2 Solar we understand the concerns surrounding our country’s energy future. Every day we become more optimistic about the potential for change, for independence from foreign oil, for reducing emissions and for renewed economic vitality. Why? Because we know that through our mutual commitment—yours and ours—to solar technology, we have the power to create a brighter, cleaner and healthier energy future—a future built the power from the sun, a reliable and affordable source of renewable energy.   


Give us the opportunity to show you the benefits of solar energy and we guarantee you’ll see renewable energy in a brighter light than you ever thought possible. Through our years of experience designing and installing solar energy systems, we have acquired the knowledge that can help you feel confident that your system will give you a lifetime of quality service.  What’s more, we know that every project is unique. With that in mind we tailor our systems to match your current energy needs while helping you meet your future energy goals.

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Your Home


As Pacific Northwest residents, we are fortunate to be recipients of the sustainable spirit that our state encourages by way of generous incentives and tax credits.  These endorsements help each of us to proactively realize the benefit of a solar system home improvement. What’s more, every solar system is an opportunity to realize lower energy bills, increased property values, and the personal satisfaction of knowing you’re directly enhancing our planet’s wellbeing. By choosing solar you are also contributing to the local economy and maintaining jobs in your community. MORE >


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Your Business


Incorporating conservation practices into your business operation is not only good for the environment it makes sense for your bottom line. Ever increasing utility costs can take valuable dollars away from your operating budget and that can quickly impact profit margins. With an E2 Solar energy system, your company can reduce utility costs today while hedging tomorrow’s energy rate increases. In short, a solar array as part of your business vision can help you to manage current and future operating expenses with confidence. MORE >